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UniPrint Case Study

UniPrint recently completed a case study on St. Joseph Health, one of the major health network organizations in US West Coast.  According to the customer, “With UniPrint, our medical personnel get time back in their day.”  I’ve always been a bigger supporter of UniPrint having once trained as a trainer for the product So I’m sure you’ll find this is interesting stuff and you can download the paper here > UniPrint Case Study (6)

Or there is a cool video here >


Snapshots vs Replication

Snapshots VS Replication


Choose the Right Data Protection Strategy  20 Мay, 11 am ET / 4 pm BST  Speakers: Chris M. Evans, Independent Consultant, Langton Blue Ltd.  Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.  Both snapshots and replication form an important part of any data protection strategy. It’s essential to know when and why each method should be used. In this webinar we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both replication and snapshots, highlighting when to use each technique to implement a foolproof data protection regime.  You will learn:

  • How snapshots and replication work in a virtual server environment
  • How snapshots can deliver quick onsite recovery
  • How to use replication for offsite data protection



With vROPs you still need something like Opvizor

I attended the VMUG in London last week and I noticed that VMware had added a Fix Action feature to vROPs. Matthew Steiner @VMware explained that the feature would present Python scripts for you to manually run and fix things like performance issues. This reminded me very much of what Opvizor has been doing and my first thought was OK VMware is competing with its eco-system. If you ask VMware why they’d do this they would give you a very valid reason, Clients (including me) want a one stop shop as much as possible and I somewhat agree with them.  However I still believe the eco-system is very valid, they tend to be very agile at filling the gaps. For me who is a Subject Matter Expert and advisor to what tooling makes up our services I rely completely on the eco-system.


I asked Dennis Zimmer over at Opvizor what his thoughts were about this feature:


“What we receive from customers is that they like to combine Operations Management tools with Opvizor as we don’t need to learn the environment for weeks or even months but can immediately give the customer the results how to improve his vSphere health.

While Operations Management tools focus on a learned baseline to mainly fix performance, we take security and stability into account.

Therefore the combination is very valuable having a deep-dive analytics (using continuously growing information, big data, to come up with misconfigurations and improvements) and more real-time centric operations management. The more real-time, the less in depth.”


I believe that the eco-system still has place for VMware at least.

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