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ISCSI VSAN “Scale Out Freely: No Hardware Lock-in”

25 March, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET


Speaker: Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.


Scale-out has come up as technology to meet the constantly increasing demands to the storage capacity. Unlike Scale-up it allows scaling horizontally. However, it also has some caveats. In most cases, you need to stick to the specific hardware with none or limited configuration options, which is cost- and efforts- consuming. You have to follow only one scenario – “compute and storage separated” or “hyper-converged” one, which essentially kills the idea of flexibility. The entry price is also an issue since most of the vendors sell minimum 3 hosts, even if you just need 2 for your environment. 

Join Max Kolomyeytsev to learn to avoid these caveats and benefit from:  – Scale-out and scale up with NO hardware lock-in – Scale-out with ANY hypervisor  – Support “compute and storage separated” and “hyper-converged” scenarios simultaneously  – Asymmetric Scale-out 


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StarWind to the rescue!

OK I’ve been experimenting with Stretched Clusters to help design a client’s private cloud requirements back at work. The main dev was around the automation of VMs in a stretched cluster and I’ll create a separate post for that but in this post I wanted to show you how I setup my lab.

Basically in the below picture you can see that I have 4 blades and DRS/HA cluster stretched across them. We have the ability to have a stretched VLAN (PHEW) but I needed to also have stretched storage also. Now it’s not always convenient to install an EMC and VPLEX solution just to test theories, however with something like StarWind VSAN appliances which are cost effective and super super easy to deploy you can spin up a stretched HA storage cluster in no time at all.

 Starwind cluster

Basically once you have your storage LUNs defined and HA protected it’s as easy as pointing your ESXi servers to the local instance of StarWind and let it do the rest.

Click >HERE< to find out more.



vRealize Automation Tenant Customisation Wiped With Update

Hi All

If you remember the video I recorded showing how to change the default tenant portal login page? Well I noticed that updating the vCAC ID Appliance wipes out most of the customisation. It doesn’t refresh the main configuration parameter found in the LDAP bits but any file you added or any CSS file you modified will be wiped. Simple fix: hopefully you kept a copy of those files, you just copy them back into the locations mentioned in the video.

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