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vCO workflow parameters to request a vRA Catalog Item

OK playing around tonight with vRealize Orchestrator day I wanted to use the workflow from the vRA Plugin to Request a Catalog Item in vRA. In my case it was a Blueprint to deploy an Ubuntu server.

Now as a prerequisite you have to run a few other workflows to initiate your instance of vRA but you can find a plethora of blogs showing how to do that.

When I executed “Request a catalog item” workflow it failed. It was looking for parameters and I made an educated guess that the parameters where the parameters displayed when you requested a catalog item from vRA like CPU, Memory Storage etc.

When I ran the workflow without paramters vRO didn’t error but the request in vRA did with an error ‘Entries’ should not be empty which gave me the clue what the parameters were. My next attempt I tried to mimic the Item properties like VirtualMachine.CPU.Count . This time when I ran the workflow vRO failed and the complaint was it didn’t like the parameters. What I hadn’t noticed at first was in the log vRO was telling what parameters it was expecting:

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.124] [I] Accepted inputs:

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.NumberOfInstances

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.TotalStorageSize

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-VirtualMachine.CPU.Count

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-VirtualMachine.LeaseDays

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-VirtualMachine.Memory.Size

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-blueprintId

[2015-07-02 18:59:25.125] [I] – provider-provisioningGroupId


Of course after I added the CPU, Memory and Storage parameters (as above) while running the workflow it all worked :-) 

Sweet Snapwatcher Independence Day Special

The opvizor team thought hard about a real Independence Day Special for their US customers and came up with a real sweet deal.

This Special Won’t Last Very Long (until July 4th 2015 11:59pm PST). So you got some days left. 

Hurry! Get the perfect deal done before celebrating Independence Day and enjoy your next year without any VMware snapshot hassle.

You get Snapwatcher Enterprise for just $94.50 per named user including 1 year of maintenance and support!

That’s a sweet deal – Get it here!

Check Out the Snapwatcher Community reviews:

Move to CTO Office, what it means to me.

Well it finally happened. As of today I moved to the CTO Office at Canopy. For the last 3 years I have been focussed on development of our Private Cloud Solution which I created the High-Level Architecture for. Turns out it was a success and is our flagship product. Moving forward after 22 in infrastructure and working with VMware for 15 year its time for me to broaden my horizons. As you may know I have an interest in dev too having developed tools like vDisk Informer 1.2.5 (11758) and vSphere Plugin Wizard (4215)  I want to focus on helping building IP. I have just been given my first project. This also means reskilling and I’m now gonna focus for the next 3 years on my dev skills.


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