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Rackware = Next Gold Sponsor

I’m pleased to announce Rackware as the next gold sponsor.

Rackware is new to me but its something we are looking at in Canopy. The way I understand it right now is that its a platspin alternative but for cloud…. Exactly what we need…


RackWare brings intelligence and automation to the cloud, providing greater availability for enterprises, greater flexibility for enterprise IT users, and reduced costs for enterprise IT providers. Computing resources—physical, virtual, and cloud machines—can be easily and automatically scaled up or down as demand fluctuates


RackWare focus on delivering Cloud migrations and simplifying DRAAS. By enabling the easy migration of server workloads into and between cloud environments and Data Centers, we make it easier to migrate into, between and out of cloud / data centre infrastructure, simplifying cloud / data centre migration projects, reducing the cost and risk associated with these projects.


Rackware provide heterogeneous support for physical and virtual workloads, and private, public and hybrid clouds to allow easy workload mobility and elasticity, allowing you to basically move into and between your chosen cloud, or data center and then scale resources on demand in an easier fashion.

RackWare enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively leverage private, public, or hybrid cloud environments without having to change applications or operating systems. The two major components are mobility and elasticity for both Enterprise User and Service Providers. 

The Rackware approach enables users to scale cost effectively across private and public clouds without any application re-writes. Even better, RackWare lets users dynamically allocate between current infrastructure and cloud, and back again if need be. 

This simplified approach results in marked savings in both capital and operational expenditures. RackWare is a truly heterogeneous approach that helps users avoid lock-in of server vendor, hypervisor, or cloud provider. 

Client On-Boarding 
RackWare provides a push button, automated mechanism to move existing workloads between different datacenters and clouds. 

Disaster Recovery AAS in the Cloud 
Combining both mobility and elasticity, RMM Disaster Recovery in the Cloud is an easy to use, economical solution that provides significantly improved support over traditional tape backup at a cost that is small fraction of maintaining a replicated datacenter. 

Tools for Elasticity 
• AutoScaling: RMM delivers automatic scaling for both private and public clouds as well as for datacenters based on real-time usage, load and performance. 
• AutoParking: The RMM Policy Engine supports schedule-based AutoParking, which can be applied to hosts or group of hosts with a high degree of scheduling flexibility and detail. 
• Cloud Bursting: RMM scales across one or many heterogeneous clouds so core applications and infrastructure stay in the datacenter and have peak usage demands met in the cloud.

VMware and Wildcard Certificates

Recently I rebuilt my lab and decided to go for a wildcard certificate to get rid of those irritating security warnings.  I found some nasty things happen down the line and in fact I ended up rebuilding my lab completely once again to fix the numerous problems I had which I believe was caused by using wildcard certs. Below I drew up a table of my experience:

Feature Use Wildcard Comment
vCenter Yes but NO Seems to work but then you find nasty things later like the storage profile function doesn’t work
vCenter SSO NO Stops services
Web Client No Stops services
Log Browser No Stops services
vCAC No Not happy about the hostname in the cert
vCAC SSO No Not happy about the hostname in the cert
View Yes Seems OK
Horizon Workspace Configurator Yes Seems OK
Horizon Worksapce Gateway Yes Seems Ok

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Tegile = New Gold Sponsor

I’m pleased to announce Tegile as the next Gold Sponsor.


Tegile has been very good in supporting the vExpert community and you’ll see them this year at VMware but here’s what they do:


Tegile System’s portfolio of Intelligent Flash storage arrays are designed to accelerate enterprise applications – from smaller workloads to mission-critical deployments.  Tegile flash arrays deliver a comprehensive set of data management capabilities and support different storage media (hard disks, dense flash, high-performance flash) under a single storage operating system. 


What’s cool is you user can decide the amount of flash storage to meet the specific performance needs of your applications and get the needed performance of flash with the economics of disk storage.


I suppose if you think about it: If you had traditional storage what you do to get it as fast as SSDs? You’d put a storage accelerator in front of it. Well Tegile is one and the same out of the box, so no need for SSD, or storage acceleration + spindles.  Nice.

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