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Veeam = New Gold Sponsor

I’m pleased to announce Veeam as the next Gold Sponsor

Now Veeam probably need no introduction as most people know I once was “the veeam guy” especially in Europe. Veeam are well known for the Backup solution Veeam Backup & Replication. They are the best at what they do but I’m not saying they are the best solution for everything, or the only solution in town but I can safely say they are seen as the community favourite. Ratmir the founder of Veeam has IMO invested a lot of money in supporting the community so you have to applaud them for that.

It took me sometime thinking about what I would say in this introduction and I figured that most people know about their Veeam Backup product so I might be a good idea to plug their other flagship solution Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center

Veeam Management Pack is one of the best kept secrets and has been for many years. Its plain and simple if you use SCOM and you want to manage VMWare you need this in your life:
TBH it has that many features it’s hard to list. It’s packed full of reports and metrics and knowledge and the list is endless. So here’s how they position their features and benefits:

  • Get complete visibility of Hyper-V and vSphere environments in System Center
  • Monitor your Veeam Backup infrastructure from a single console in System Center
  • Manage and plan for growth with capacity planning reports
  • Find problems in real time and shorten the time between problem discovery and system recovery
  • Increase datacenter efficiency using analysis reports to right-size your VMs and find idle VMs or garbage files

Trust me it’s a no brianer… GOT VMWARE and SCOM YOU NEED THIS!

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