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The Great VM Backup Bake off..

I started a new project off. I have authored a comparison paper comparing 5 somewhat similar VM Backup solutions. This is the beginning of an iterative project. I know I can test more products and perform more tests but these are the products that came to mind and the tests are relevant to how I want to use the VM backup solutions. I’d like to thank Anton Gostev from Veeam, Joseph Noonan from Unitrends, Sergei Serdyuk from Nakivo, Andrey Polevoy from Acronis and David Gugick from Dell for your support. I want to point out a few disclaimers:

  • Hopefully there is no biased in this document. They all have their pros/cons
  • It was highlighted that I should have gone with a different Acronis product which I will in the next iteration
  • In testing you may find different performance results than what I saw
  • The results were graded based on my opinion and experience. Do not take this for gospel, do your research
  • Pricing may differ when speaking to the vendor or partner vendor.
  • False statements and corrections will be corrected in the next iteration.

If you like the document and you want me to talk about my experience please reach out to me.

Download here > VM Backup Bake off (1319 downloads)



“Pimp my vLab”

Mike Laverick recently made aware of a nice alternative to home labs. I have an extensive home lab at home so I think it’s too late for me now but I did contemplate getting a hosted lab rather than kill my electricity and upset the wife. But too late for me but not for you. Check out Mike’s article here:


“When I was in Australia recently for the Sydney/Melbourne VMUG I had the chance to meet Alastair Cooke – and sit in on his presentation on AutoLab. Alastair is a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) based in New Zealand, and is one of the hosts of the APAC VMTN Communities Podcast. In case you don’t know AutoLab is tool that will build for you using scripts a vSphere Lab environment – and its based on the principle of “nested ESX” or “vESX” – where ESX is run in VM on a physical ESX host. It’s was updated in Dec, 2012 to support vSphere 5.1.”

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