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Breaking the Magician’s Code, AGAIN! #UKVMUG

If you missed my session on creating VMware Apps for novice programmers then at the UK National VMUG I will once again be presenting a community session about how novice programmers can start building VMware Apps like the ones I have developed over the years. I’m not a programmer and only know the fundamentals of languages such as C#, so how did I come about building community recognised applications?  So this session is not about learning to program or learning the VMware API in detail but at the same time I want to show you how I did it and maybe we may see some more community apps be born. I will be using the code from one of my apps to teach and releasing the source code on this site the same day.

This event is jam packed with other stuff so get yourself registered and come long.

The agenda and registration can be found >here<

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