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Automation, Automation, Automation

Recently I was awarded the title of Distinguished Expert at Atos and now am the leader of the Automation Domain in that community. The expert community was formed to unite the experts in Atos and see if through alignment of different factions, business units, and cultures we can come up with some amazing IP. Anywho.. here is a nice video recorded to promote that Domain.



VMworld Europe – Join Me again!

Last year I opted to go to VMworld US in Vegas. Whilst I was nice to be in the US again I did miss being with the Euro crowd. And last year I did miss a European event for the first time in 10 year. That’s if you class the early TX shows as VMworlds (which I do) . Anyway this year given the option I’m back in Barcelona. If you’d like to join me

step 1 register here > 

step 2 find a hotel

step 3 be there to join me for Mojitos!

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