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UniPrint Case Study

UniPrint recently completed a case study on St. Joseph Health, one of the major health network organizations in US West Coast.  According to the customer, “With UniPrint, our medical personnel get time back in their day.”  I’ve always been a bigger supporter of UniPrint having once trained as a trainer for the product So I’m sure you’ll find this is interesting stuff and you can download the paper here > UniPrint Case Study (5)

Or there is a cool video here >


UniPrint v9 is here!

UniPrint Infinity Launches Version 9

Provides high availability and mobile printing for enterprise environments.


Toronto, Canada, April 14, 2015 – UniPrint (, the world leader in printing virtualization, today announced the launch of UniPrint Infinity v9, a managed print solution that can be used across any Citrix, Microsoft, VMware VDI or cloud computing environment to simplify printer management and enable anywhere, anytime, any device secure printing across different platforms, offices and geographies. The launch of UniPrint Infinity v9 provides the largest number of enhancements ever made to the product to improve performance, efficiency and security as well as cost efficiencies for customers.


Social, digital and mobile channels have transformed the way in which people interact. Digital technologies play a greater role in the way that corporate institutions manage their internal processes and functions. Enterprise printing infrastructure is one such function that is set to dramatically evolve as a result of an increasingly mobile workforce and complexity in daily printing requirements.


Responding to market changes and customer needs, UniPrint Infinity v9 offers enhanced features that improve printer driver performance and efficiency as well as the ability to capitalize on mobile printing capabilities, including Apple iOS and OS X printing, delegate printing and email-to-print functionality. The new version of UniPrint Infinity also offers enhanced high availability with load balancing capabilities for uninterrupted printing.


Security is an increasingly important factor for large and small firms globally and UniPrint Infinity v9 includes a 256-bit encryption scheme that provides added security to the print stream travelling over the network. A backup and restore utility will be available shortly allowing easier upgrade and faster recovery from any disaster.


Arron Fu, VP of Software Development at UniPrint, said, “We have doubled down on expanding our printing virtualization features to help address the needs of our customers. Our users were approaching UniPrint demanding the move to Infinity v9 for tighter security protocols for mobility and enterprise. We wanted to improve on existing features and capabilities to adapt to all user needs. UniPrint Infinity v9 will change the way people print in security-sensitive environments.”


For further information on UniPrint Infinity, visit or e-mail  


About UniPrint:

UniPrint, a division of ACCEO Solutions Inc. ( ), is the recognized leader in printing virtualization. The newest solution in UniPrint’s patented, award-winning product line, UniPrint Infinity is the industry’s first truly secure enterprise-wide solution for any computing environment. Enabling anywhere, anytime, any device secure pull printing, UniPrint Infinity comes with a proven ROI through its statistics module, print document archiving functionality and secure mobile printing modules, and high availability with load balancing. UniPrint Infinity replaces all manufacturer printer drivers with a single PDF generator to promote faster, more efficient printing, helping organizations to improve both productivity and return on investments. For additional information on UniPrint, please visit


UniPrint Infinity is the trademark of ACCEO Solutions Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

ISCSI VSAN “Scale Out Freely: No Hardware Lock-in”

25 March, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET


Speaker: Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.


Scale-out has come up as technology to meet the constantly increasing demands to the storage capacity. Unlike Scale-up it allows scaling horizontally. However, it also has some caveats. In most cases, you need to stick to the specific hardware with none or limited configuration options, which is cost- and efforts- consuming. You have to follow only one scenario – “compute and storage separated” or “hyper-converged” one, which essentially kills the idea of flexibility. The entry price is also an issue since most of the vendors sell minimum 3 hosts, even if you just need 2 for your environment. 

Join Max Kolomyeytsev to learn to avoid these caveats and benefit from:  – Scale-out and scale up with NO hardware lock-in – Scale-out with ANY hypervisor  – Support “compute and storage separated” and “hyper-converged” scenarios simultaneously  – Asymmetric Scale-out 


Register now!


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