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VDI related material

The Great Storage Debate

The last time I was at the London VMUG Julian Wood brought to my attention that people believe NFS storage is the better platform to use nowadays with vSphere. I still cannot get my head around this as I was always led to believe Block Storage out performance File Storage. I even have an old skool real-world example: I was told many moons ago that SQL and Exchange were optimised to work with block storage. So about 5 years ago a client came to me and asked me why his SQL server VM running off a NFS datastore was running like a dog. My answer was “simple you need block storage”. The client purchased at the time a CX300 and problem went away.  So anyway I want to get your opinion on this and I have created a poll for you to vote which you prefer.

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Vdisk wasted storage cont…

THIS APP HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY vDisk Informer 1.2.5 (17192 downloads) and the post for this app can be found >HERE< but you will still require Gparted > read on..

Again back in March I created a blog post which discussed how to reclaim wasted disk space for FREE by using one of my fav apps Gparted and a tool I created called  Vdisk Waste Finder (5377 downloads) So once again I decided to show you how easy it is to do using my new authoring tools. To find out how watch my presentation/videos by clicking the play button in the picture below:

Vdisk Wasted storage

VDI – Automating Windows Install

I was going to write a book on VDI at one point but myself and the other co-authors got overwhelmed with work so it’s come to a standstill. So I decided to blog some of my material and one of the sections I wrote was demonstrating how to automate windows installation.

First of all let’s not get this confused with automating the deployment of VDI desktops, you should use virtual machine templates to do that. But to create a template in the first place you need to prepare an operating system. I can show you how to reduce the time needed to perform this task if it’s something that is repeated often.

Click Here > Automate Windows Installs (2960 downloads)

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