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Looking for sponsor to share and celebrate 10 years.

Party Time

Few months from now I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging on Virtualization, Cloud and EUC and I’m looking to complete my line up of sponsors. On November 5th 2015 that will be a decade of dedication and the people that have supported me will share the limelight.  If you are interested in sponsoring my site please send me an email  I’m not pimping myself out to every vendor but I do have a few spots free.


Having just added another 64GB 8 core SSD host to my lab I ran a survey to see what everyone else is doing.  I thought this would be interesting to post so you can see what everyone else is doing. Please read the whole post because at the bottom my sponsor VMturbo has a competition to give away 3 x home labs. Click each picture to see the results.

2015-02-10_19-15-12 2015-02-10_19-15-27 2015-02-10_19-16-05 2015-02-10_19-16-24

Now for 3 lucky winners who sign up for the VMturbo 5.1 release you could win your own home lab or improve the one you have. CLICK HERE to enter.

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