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Industry First: EUC profiles on a cloud blob..

Check this out: Industry First Alert.  The new version of ProfileUnity and FlexApp, v6.7.6, (my favourite product of all time) which has an industry first feature, the ability to have User Profiles as a Service from Object-based storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Blob). 


Liquidware are able to do this with API level integration without using a SMB file share!  You can also host your needed configuration files the same way, thus avoiding two Windows servers that would otherwise be needed in the mix.


This streamlines the cost and complexity of VDI, RDS, and any Windows desktop management. It also makes it seamless to onboard users to DaaS when ready because your profiles and data can already be hosted in the cloud.


So your profiles can sit in a cloud blob… means they can follow you everywhere now…. EVERYWHERE!


You need to click >HERE< to learn more.

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