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Vdisk alignment cont….

Ok back in march I created a blog post around vdisk alignment and how to achieve it using a FREE tool called gparted. Since then the dev team behind gparted have included some new tricks and made the process easier. So I decided to reload this post but with some cool how to videos. Ok so when you watch this learning material by clicking on the play button below you’ll notice that I sound a little wooden, but is down to me coming out of a dose of the old flu (possibly swine) and I was reading from a script. But never the less I think you will like it.

Press Play

How to realign a vdisk

2 Responses to Vdisk alignment cont….

  • Hi, just wanted to thank you for the fantastic video. I performed the alignment on a Windows Server 2003 VM and we are already seeing an improvement in performance. The only issue i came across was that it kept hanging on the chkdsk after the alignment but as soon as i bypassed it booted up without a problem. Also for anyone else attempting this be aware that after applying all operations it took literally hours to complete the alignment though it was a big partition.

    Thanks again

    • Which version of gParted did you use? On later version can dynamically move/align disk partitions and is very quick. So what process did you follow. My first post described a longer process before gParted had new features.

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