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vDisk Informer is here!

Ok in an effort to enhance 2 of my existing apps I created something new and born from the ashes is a new app called vDisk Informer.

vDisk Informer demonstrates which virtual disks have potentially wasted space on them and which virtual disks are misaligned causing a performance impact.

See how it works if my all new sexy GUI >HERE<

And download it from > vDisk Informer 1.2.5 (17192 downloads)

Wanna thank the following guys for feedback and beta testing services:


14 Responses to vDisk Informer is here!

  • Very cool. I like how you integrate the VMware icons into the tree nodes. There is something wrong with the download link, “The requested URL /www/downloads/vdiskInformer/ was not found on this server.”


  • Download Link Fixed.

  • Also I need to give @alanrenouf a mention as we’d discussed these idea’s in powerCLI format before the birth of vDisk Informer.

  • Wanna thank Scott Dugan for the bug report.

    Please keep em coming if you spot any.

  • Good Morning, I have been using vDisk Informer for a few weeks now. All of a sudden I receive “Unable to query WMI” when I query any server for vDisk Alignment. Is there something I should look into to get this resolved?

    • HI,

      Unable to query WMI error means for some reason the app couldn’t communicate with the WMI provider on your VM. This could be incorrect user account/password, firewall on the VM, firewall on where you are running vDisk Informer or even WMI isn’t running on the VM. I throw this error when the app tries to make a connection to WMI but couldn’t. Hope this helps.

  • I installed this tool and logged in and scanned it finds all the guest OS but it finds only the name and IP address of those servers but not the Disk allignment information. All guest OS are Linux this tool works only on Windows or any OS.

  • hey,

    Let me first complement you on the software !

    i installed the application but i have a few questions:

    1) it connects to the vcenter, then it reads the ip address. What does it doe? does it want to connect to the ip address directly or does it do something through the vcenter (i guess it wants to connect directly over the network)? (does it try the FQDN first?)

    2) if that’s true; then i have the following problem. Most of our VM’s have more than one interface, and it reads often the wrong IP address so it can’t reach it. What can i do about that? (we are a hosting company with a lot of different vlans)

    3) how do i know the offset 32k or 64k ?

    4) one result is: Disk #0, partition #0: offset = 7,875kb – check allignment. What can i do to correct this. And when does it have a major impact on performance and when it it minor?

    thanks !

    • 1) yep its lists primary IP address as listed in the VMware API then uses WMI query to pull the information necessary for me to calculate alignment

      2) In next version which might have to wait a few months as I writing a book write now I will try to add a feature to work around this

      3) My original app was just 64k but people tell me the NetApps can be 32k – dude stick with 64k it’s a safer bet

      4) hope this helps

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