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Forget the FUD, try it yourself part2

As promised I have to started to record videos demonstrating at that our products are what we say they are in allegations of FUD… I’ll start referring to this situation as FUDGate. This shows that Profile Unity our Persona Management solution is the fastest to deploy, simplest to configure and has the thinnest foot print.

If you are not familiar with any other solution, YouTube it and find an equivalent video. The one I found spread the deployment over 5 videos of a competitive solution… Don’t take my word for it “try for yourself”

One Response to Forget the FUD, try it yourself part2

  • Just to keep Bazza and Dan happy, this video only demonstrates a deployement and a simple configure… Of course anyone who works with Persona solutions knowns the time required for a full configuration differs from environment to environment. Even then PU is still simple and fast. The configuration in the video sets up a simple central profile, migrates existing settings and redirects Document and Desktop Folder….. If you can setup a competitive solution to do the same in 5 minutes, record a video and demo it to us.

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