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Horizon Workspace – User cannot logon

I had an issue in my lab that was a small gotcha and is worth of a post. I’m sure if I’d not been half a sleep and actually RTFM I would have spotted this from the get go. The issue I had was in Workspace, my administrator user could logon and access its entitlements no problem. Another user “ricky” could not and Workspace errored about the username and password. I found this strange because in the admin settings I could see this user and entitle him to use apps. So I knew the directory sync was working. The difference between “administrator” and “ricky” was they were in different OUs in Active Directory. But directory Sync was working..hmmmm. So I moved “ricky” into the same OU as “administrator” and that worked. Hmmm. Then recalled something. When setting up the directory link in workspace I remembered there was a parameter for BASE DN, which in my case was pointing at the OU where administrator was. What I did to correct this problem was positioned the BASE DN up a level to encompass both OUs.


Then my lower level OUs are synced.


I know, obvious but still easy error to make.

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