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vCAC 6 Repo404 simple fix

Once again I find installing vCAC 6 a test…… I kept running into a Repo404 error Service Unreachable. I followed the same guides I’d followed before to get it working but could not get past this error. I found references to it at places like and in the release notes but the fixes documented were not working for me. I knew it was related to certificates but I was using the self generated ones from the appliances. So this is what I did. On my vCAC IaaS server I fired IE up as an administrator > pointed it to my vCAC appliance i.e. https://vcac-appliance and installed the certificate in the registry part of the Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Reset IIS and bobs your uncle…WHAM…Working!

Certificate from vCAC 6 VA

Installl Cert

Make Trusted Root

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