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We are 10 next year so time to find sponsors!

My Blog is 10 years old next year and I have decided that after all this time I will allow vendors to advertise using a 125×125 banner. It’s a great way to make use of the traffic coming through my site. In the last year Webalizer monitored that I had: 

  • 290,229 Unique Visitors
  • 586,781 Pages were viewed
  • 1,430,539 Web hits



I also have a great deal of downloaded content like free tools I have developed over the year which draws people to the blog.


SDK App Slide = 5500 views

VMUG Source Code = 639 downloads

vSphere Plugin Wizard = 3717 downloads

VDI Stress Tool = 566 downloads

vDisk Informer Tool = 9881 downloads

vDisk Alignment Finder = 849 downloads

vDisk Waster Finder = 3493 downloads

Replication Calculater = 5078 downloads

Resource Pool Scheduler = 362 downloads

Snapshot revert tool = 392 downloads

Terminal Server Tweaker = 845 downloads

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of my blog by advertising in a banner please contact me . My prices are reasonable and someone already asked me for a platinum spot.

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