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Liquidware Labs = New Gold Sponsor

I’m pleased to announce Liquidware Labs as next Gold Sponsor

Ok, Ok, We all know I used to work for Liquidware so I’m slightly biased but that was 2.5 years ago and I still love their technology. I’ve been a strong advocate so its no wonder they are also supporting me.  I love them so much that I’ve been aggressively pushing for use of LWL products at Canopy and Atos.

So what do they do? Well if you are in the VDI game you probably already know, but you don’t you are missing out big time.  IMO Liquidware fills the gaps not picked up by the core VDI vendors. They are the industry leader when comes to:

  • Assessment of existing desktop estates to help transform to VDI
  • In guest visibility of the VDI platform end-2-end to help diagnose issues with:
    • Performance
    • Logon Times
    • Application Response times
    • Usage
    • And much much more

Check out Stratusphere FIT and UX for more on the above

They also have a Persona/Profile Management solution that is not seen as the industry leader but as the most cost effective solution called ProfileUnity. Now I’m being honest when I say not the industry leader but things change and more recently LWL have closed the gap without compromising the price point.

Enough said.. GOT VDI? You need Liquidware Labs

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