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Rejuvenate your old ReadyNAS Ultra with a new makeover!

I recently purchased another Synology NAS box and to populate it I ripped out the disks from 1 of the 2 Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4s I have. This then freed up the ReadyNAS I was thinking what to do with it. I remembered a blog article from a few years back about running Synology DSM on a ReadyNAS so I started to do some digging.  I switched to Synology for its VMware vStorage VAAI support which the ReadyNAS didn’t have. The blog was by Migoo, but I knew it was some years old that I had to take his basic principal and update it. The hack is to use Xpenology to create a bootable USB disk, boot your ReadyNAS from USB and install Synology DSM on the ReadyNAS.

Want to find out how? Download this zip with a pdf and shell script needed for the process here > Rejuvenated ReadyNas (124 downloads)


It works a treat. Just don’t try to update it using the normal method. Its all in the instructions. 


UK National VMUG Conference 2018 – Automation

Presented for my 8th Year at the UK VMUG Conference 12 weeks ago on all things automation. Always a big thanks to the VMUG team for allowing me to present. I brought my usual humour with me and even showed a prototype app I’ve been working on called Project Hermes for putting a UI to automation tools that use JSON or YAML files to send instructions. Anyway, my sponsors listed below coughed up a ton of prizes and in the end only 21 people entered my competition and most people won 2 prizes and some 3 as I had that many. However, if you missed out Vembu are giving you a 2nd chance by filling in a survey found by clicking >HERE<

Anyway big shout out to the sponsors who donated prizes to my sessions:

VMworld 2018 Day 1 – Cohesity Blogger Session

On the first night of VMworld EU 2018, I attended a blogger reception for Cohesity organised by Patrick Rednap. I was trying to cadge a VIP ticket to the vRockstar party that evening. While there I met the who’s who in the blogger community, most people I knew for a long time.

But presenting was Rawlinson Rivera CTO for Cohesity. For me, I didn’t know much about them except they tagged themselves as secondary storage and usually, I avoid storage discussions and find them boring an old news.

Apart from Rawlinson’s big bravado and humour I wasn’t sure if I’d be even interested but It was worth the while. I found out a few interesting things about them. So this is what I picked up:


They abstract the data layer in their platform giving a consistent feel across private and public. So you get the same functionality in their services regardless of where you are sitting. Services like Data Protection, file&object and analytics. And its all API first… The problem they are trying to fix with this is Mass Data Fragmentation.

They’ve done some testing to prove they are Web-Scale up to 256 Nodes Tested ~5PB raw capacity showing Linear performance scaling using Sequential and random IO.


I asked the question are they doing dedupe client side and they claim to. They are doing Dedupe at every level – inline to Post job.


They acquired some tech called Helios and my understanding this is a manager of managers. Single UI for everything you need and offers some analytical functions.


One cool feature I found is they by default compress any video files, this is supposed to reduce backend storage needs like you wouldn’t believe. All policy driven.


One feature I’d have to research was a feature called Cloud Spin in which they are supposed to be able to help refactor applications by pushing data into a test/dev area without dragging along with it the whole OS etc…


Anyway, we had a bit of fun. Rawlinson a fun presenter and he caught our attention.

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