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How to address Data Center Challenges

Interesting Webinar coming on July 4th from Vembu Software. Topics covered:

  • How fast can I recover the data center during the disaster?
  • How can I avoid data loss during DR?
  • How can I rely on my backups?
  • Exponential data growth
  • Migration Plans – P2V and V2V

Join in  and listen to the above points that they will be focussing more in the presentation and also there will be the discussion on use-cases that have been developed with Vembu expertise for more than a decade.


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VMworld Europe – Join Me again!

Last year I opted to go to VMworld US in Vegas. Whilst I was nice to be in the US again I did miss being with the Euro crowd. And last year I did miss a European event for the first time in 10 year. That’s if you class the early TX shows as VMworlds (which I do) . Anyway this year given the option I’m back in Barcelona. If you’d like to join me

step 1 register here > 

step 2 find a hotel

step 3 be there to join me for Mojitos!

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