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UK National VMUG Conference 2018 – Automation

Presented for my 8th Year at the UK VMUG Conference 12 weeks ago on all things automation. Always a big thanks to the VMUG team for allowing me to present. I brought my usual humour with me and even showed a prototype app I’ve been working on called Project Hermes for putting a UI to automation tools that use JSON or YAML files to send instructions. Anyway, my sponsors listed below coughed up a ton of prizes and in the end only 21 people entered my competition and most people won 2 prizes and some 3 as I had that many. However, if you missed out Vembu are giving you a 2nd chance by filling in a survey found by clicking >HERE<

Anyway big shout out to the sponsors who donated prizes to my sessions:

Bots – a blast from the past.

Team 18 years ago while I was still a Novell consultant and at work, I was very frustrated with the number of systems I had to log in too. We had NT domains + Novell Edirectory + numerous other dos based systems that had separate logins. I wanted to automate the login process because we had no SSO and I stumbled across AutoIT. Team AutoIT is still relevant today as it was back then. If you have software on a Windows system you can automate it regardless of APIs or not. You can create a small or large bot to automate stuff and its FREE. Here is a recent video where this chap demonstrates its power by automating gameplay. This could easily be an operations tool instead of a game >




I think its time to relearn this tool given my current interests at work…

Automation, Automation, Automation

Recently I was awarded the title of Distinguished Expert at Atos and now am the leader of the Automation Domain in that community. The expert community was formed to unite the experts in Atos and see if through alignment of different factions, business units, and cultures we can come up with some amazing IP. Anywho.. here is a nice video recorded to promote that Domain.



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