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How to address Data Center Challenges

Interesting Webinar coming on July 4th from Vembu Software. Topics covered:

  • How fast can I recover the data center during the disaster?
  • How can I avoid data loss during DR?
  • How can I rely on my backups?
  • Exponential data growth
  • Migration Plans – P2V and V2V

Join in  and listen to the above points that they will be focussing more in the presentation and also there will be the discussion on use-cases that have been developed with Vembu expertise for more than a decade.


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How VMware VSAN can reduce cost and simplify VM storage

Hey readers, are you interested in VSAN? Well here  you can find a new VMware webinar on Tuesday 25th October 2016 about VSAN. The webinar is on how VMware VSAN can reduce cost and simplify VM storage. Andy Syrewicze and vExpert Theresa Miller will be the main speakers of the webinar.  Registration link here:



True 15-Minute RTO for Mission-Critical VM Systems with Vembu VMBackup Replication

Most IT sites, have a key system that is essential to the survival of their business. When processing on such a system is interrupted, essential Line of Business (LoB) operations cease to function and corporate business is significantly impacted. Moreover, the longer it takes to restore a mission-critical system, the greater the likelihood that the business will face substantial repercussions. As a result, nirvana for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for business continuity centers on zero recovery time and zero recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO). READ MORE…. 

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