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The Great Storage Debate

The last time I was at the London VMUG Julian Wood brought to my attention that people believe NFS storage is the better platform to use nowadays with vSphere. I still cannot get my head around this as I was always led to believe Block Storage out performance File Storage. I even have an old skool real-world example: I was told many moons ago that SQL and Exchange were optimised to work with block storage. So about 5 years ago a client came to me and asked me why his SQL server VM running off a NFS datastore was running like a dog. My answer was “simple you need block storage”. The client purchased at the time a CX300 and problem went away.  So anyway I want to get your opinion on this and I have created a poll for you to vote which you prefer.

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I want to welcome my latest sponsor “VPLANET SERVICES” my wifes company. They have a special offer on VMware vSphere 5 – Install, Configure and Manage training. Offer a limited time you can get a discount in the UK.

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“Pimp my vLab”

Mike Laverick recently made aware of a nice alternative to home labs. I have an extensive home lab at home so I think it’s too late for me now but I did contemplate getting a hosted lab rather than kill my electricity and upset the wife. But too late for me but not for you. Check out Mike’s article here:


“When I was in Australia recently for the Sydney/Melbourne VMUG I had the chance to meet Alastair Cooke – and sit in on his presentation on AutoLab. Alastair is a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) based in New Zealand, and is one of the hosts of the APAC VMTN Communities Podcast. In case you don’t know AutoLab is tool that will build for you using scripts a vSphere Lab environment – and its based on the principle of “nested ESX” or “vESX” – where ESX is run in VM on a physical ESX host. It’s was updated in Dec, 2012 to support vSphere 5.1.”

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