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vCloud vs DPM vs DVS Observation

Over the Easter holiday I turned off my home lab which includes vSphere and vCloud. I powered it down using methods which I thought best for different aspects of my lab so for example if vApps/VMs were under the control of vCloud Director I used VCD to shut them down. After returning I attempted to power up my lab but I noticed that vApps/VMs in vCloud failed to start with the following error:

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Customizing vCloud Login UI

There is no point for me taking credit for blogging  about this topic (I’m not an aggregator 🙂 )  but I found this article on customizing the vCloud Login UI found >HERE<. What I will do is add to a little.  When you look at the standard 5.1 login UI you’ll notice the graphic with the blue triangles in the left corner that looks like this:

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My first vCloud App “Hello Org” part#1

Last night I managed to get my first vCloud .net app working. To get started I took one of the simple examples contained with the vCloud .Net SDK and copied aspects of it test what could be done. I imported the 2 DLLs (VcloudSDK_V5_1.dll, VcloudRestSchema_V5_1.dll) as needed and added the correct the using statements:

using System.Net;
using com.vmware.vcloud.sdk;
using com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.admin;
using com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.utility;
using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;

After handling the certificate issue next I initiated a connection but received a failure:

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