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Customizing vCloud Login UI

There is no point for me taking credit for blogging  about this topic (I’m not an aggregator 🙂 )  but I found this article on customizing the vCloud Login UI found >HERE<. What I will do is add to a little.  When you look at the standard 5.1 login UI you’ll notice the graphic with the blue triangles in the left corner that looks like this:

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My first vCloud App “Hello Org” part#1

Last night I managed to get my first vCloud .net app working. To get started I took one of the simple examples contained with the vCloud .Net SDK and copied aspects of it test what could be done. I imported the 2 DLLs (VcloudSDK_V5_1.dll, VcloudRestSchema_V5_1.dll) as needed and added the correct the using statements:

using System.Net;
using com.vmware.vcloud.sdk;
using com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.admin;
using com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.utility;
using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;

After handling the certificate issue next I initiated a connection but received a failure:

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“Pimp my vLab”

Mike Laverick recently made aware of a nice alternative to home labs. I have an extensive home lab at home so I think it’s too late for me now but I did contemplate getting a hosted lab rather than kill my electricity and upset the wife. But too late for me but not for you. Check out Mike’s article here:


“When I was in Australia recently for the Sydney/Melbourne VMUG I had the chance to meet Alastair Cooke – and sit in on his presentation on AutoLab. Alastair is a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) based in New Zealand, and is one of the hosts of the APAC VMTN Communities Podcast. In case you don’t know AutoLab is tool that will build for you using scripts a vSphere Lab environment – and its based on the principle of “nested ESX” or “vESX” – where ESX is run in VM on a physical ESX host. It’s was updated in Dec, 2012 to support vSphere 5.1.”

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