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VMware related material

Starwind Silver Sponsor

I’m pleased to announce Starwind Software as a Silver sponsor.

Now I first came across Starwind in 2006. Back then the company was part of RocketDivision . In 2006 I was looking for a software ISCSI solution so I didn’t have to purchase a piece of hardware. I used it for VMware training courses to demonstrate VMware works with ISCSI as it was new back then. The nice guys at Starwind gave me a NFR and in return I showed it off to both VMware and students of VMware.

Since then I blogged about them here and there whilst watching the solution mature from a standard ISCSI target to a solution that has backup, dedupe and is software defined.

StarWind Virtual SAN is entirely software-based, hypervisor-centric virtual machine storage. It creates a fully fault-tolerant and high-performing storage pool that is built for the virtualization workload “from scratch”. StarWind Virtual SAN basically “mirrors” inexpensive internal storage between hosts. Virtual SAN completely eliminates any need for an expensive SAN or NAS or other physical shared storage. It seamlessly integrates into the hypervisor for unbeatable performance and exceptional simplicity of use.

vCloud Director Plugin for vCO – Login failed

I came across an issue today while installing a later version of the vCloud Director plugin for vCO which I didn’t see documented in the install guide. When enabling the plugin you have to provide details of one of your vCD cells and credentials. No matter what I tried I received the below error:

vco probs

An idea came to me. What if I try to import the certificate for vCD into vCO under SSL Trust Manager next to the Network tab? Well you guessed it, that did the trick. Sure I didn’t have to do that in 5.1 so maybe something to look out for.

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