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My VMworld Session “Tips for Developing VMware Apps for Novices Programmers”

Thanks for supporting my VMworld session because it paid off. I’ve been invited to deliver my session at VMworld Europe in Barcelona Oct 15-17. My session is “Tips for Developing VMware Apps for Novices Programmers” and I finally started to appreciate that these skills could be useful in day-2-day devops. Help in aligning your business processes to running IT as a Service in a SDDC is for sure they way forward. Or maybe you just need a jump start to make a cool nerdy tool for your own amusement, either way come and check me out and see how I got started with all this. You can find more details and register for this session by clicking HERE

Horizon Workspace Bad Gateway

After being on vacation and turning my lab back on after month of being powered down I found I couldn’t get Horizon Workspace operational again. Error message was Bad Gateway. I remember I had this problem before and it turned out to be an uplink down on one of my DVS switches associated to Workspace. This time, not the case. I debugged this problem by first trying to ping all the VA’s in the vApps and noticed the service-va didn’t respond. After checking the console I noticed it was failing to boot with filesystem errors. So after logging as root I ran fsck with no switches, rebooted and hey presto I’m a happy chappy once again…. Just in the nick of time as tomorrow I’m off to VMworld and I need my lab up to train people on what we are doing with vCloud and Horizon.

Vote my VMworld Session

Team/Friends please vote for my VMworld session > 4525 Tips for Developing VMware Apps: Novices Programmers – Found Here > http://goo.gl/lgez7 < I’ve delivered this session at VMUG and had interest so I want to deliver it to a wider audience.