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Time until we are 10 years old


VMware related material

10 years of blogging about VMware

2015 and I’m proud to say on November the 5th  this year I’ve been blogging about VMware/Virtualisation/Cloud for 10 years. For the last decade I’ve had the time of my life and it’s all because of VMware. Of recent I revamped my website and now have some great sponsors. I’d like to thank in no particular order my Sponsors who now help to fund things like hosting and lab update costs.


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So yup, 10 years of blogging. I’m even thinking about a community party somewhere.

I plan follow-up posts discussing the journey along the way. I started with a flat HTML website and then switched to a MAMBO content management and then in 2008 I switched to WordPress.

I want to wish everybody in the industry a prosperous 2015 and I hope you like the new blog look.

My 2015 Predictions

So it’s that time of year and this year I decided to post my 2015 predictions. I like to keep it short and sweet though.

  • We’ll see the emerging companies that are developing the glue to help hybrid cloud really work come to fruition. The ability to move VMs between clouds will become easier. The problem I see is there will be no standard. My advice is, be careful of lock-in.
  • More Service Providers will be doing Desktop as a Service. The technologies like Desktone/Horizon/Airwatch are coming into alignment
  • Last but not least and this one I have no information to back up this prediction but I believe at least one of my previous employers is ripe for acquisition. Read into that what you want :-) 

All the best all….


Customize your vRealize Automation tenant portal

OK a buddy of mine at work “Ron” showed me that you can customize the front page (before the user logs in) of your vRealize Portal. So I recorded a video showing how to do it plus I added few other hacks I found along the way.

Also I gave creds to Fabio @ who posted a short article about this topic too.

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