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Time until we are 10 years old


VMware related material

Move to CTO Office, what it means to me.

Well it finally happened. As of today I moved to the CTO Office at Canopy. For the last 3 years I have been focussed on development of our Private Cloud Solution which I created the High-Level Architecture for. Turns out it was a success and is our flagship product. Moving forward after 22 in infrastructure and working with VMware for 15 year its time for me to broaden my horizons. As you may know I have an interest in dev too having developed tools like vDisk Informer 1.2.5 (12012) and vSphere Plugin Wizard (4309)  I want to focus on helping building IP. I have just been given my first project. This also means reskilling and I’m now gonna focus for the next 3 years on my dev skills.


Looking for sponsor to share and celebrate 10 years.

Party Time

Few months from now I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging on Virtualization, Cloud and EUC and I’m looking to complete my line up of sponsors. On November 5th 2015 that will be a decade of dedication and the people that have supported me will share the limelight.  If you are interested in sponsoring my site please send me an email  I’m not pimping myself out to every vendor but I do have a few spots free.

UniPrint Case Study

UniPrint recently completed a case study on St. Joseph Health, one of the major health network organizations in US West Coast.  According to the customer, “With UniPrint, our medical personnel get time back in their day.”  I’ve always been a bigger supporter of UniPrint having once trained as a trainer for the product So I’m sure you’ll find this is interesting stuff and you can download the paper here > UniPrint Case Study (87)

Or there is a cool video here >


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