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vCloud Director Plugin for vCO – Login failed

I came across an issue today while installing a later version of the vCloud Director plugin for vCO which I didn’t see documented in the install guide. When enabling the plugin you have to provide details of one of your vCD cells and credentials. No matter what I tried I received the below error:

vco probs

An idea came to me. What if I try to import the certificate for vCD into vCO under SSL Trust Manager next to the Network tab? Well you guessed it, that did the trick. Sure I didn’t have to do that in 5.1 so maybe something to look out for.

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Opvizor = next Gold sponsor

I’m please to announce my last gold sponsor, Opvizor


Back in 2008 I attended a VMware VMworld event in Cannes and met a chap who gave me a signed copy of his book. His name was Dennis Zimmer. I’d followed Dennis and known he’d had a connection with I lost touch with Dennis and then bumped into him at a VMUG session this year in London. Dennis told me he was now the CEO for Opvizor. Now I’d heard of Opvizor but before the VMUG session didn’t know what they did. After the demo I was hooked on the story, it made sense.


Opvizor offers a paradigm-shifting solution in the VMware market space.  They  create an unprecedented return for its clients – allowing customers to not only greatly reduce downtime, but identify and eliminate resource limitations, broken snapshots and wasted resources.  Customers have realized a 52% decrease in resource costs by using Opvizor.


Opvizor was founded by former Virtualization Consultant and  System Engineer, Dennis Zimmer, as a solution to reduce the amount of time you spend researching and solving problems.  Now a 6-time vExpert and author of 10 books on VMware, Dennis’ goal is ensure that the community of VMware experts in conjunction with opvizor’s clients and partners continue to contribute to that larges rulebase in the industry (730 and growing.)


These rules allow Opvizor clients to predict potential root foundation failures before they emerge and potentially compromising their environment – allowing companies to be truly proactive.  opvizor’s team of vExperts validate every rule and provide best-practice solutions to each rule. 


Because of our approach and interaction with the community, we have built an incredible database of information to share and to give back to the community who has helped build who we are. 


Opvizor Summary 

·        Community-driven

·        Largest rulebase in the industry

·        Provides solutions to each issue it uncovers

·        All rules and solutions validated by a team of vExperts

·        Unprecedented ROI 

·        See stats on your environment in under an hour


And oh did I mention the solution is cloud based :-)