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RackWare Management Module for AWS

RackWare have launched RackWare Management Module (RMM) for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a solution that allows windows and Linux workloads to move from ANY source infrastructure to AWS.

Yes you read that correct, ANY physical server, ANY cloud based workload and ANY virtual workload (not just VMware) can be moved to AWS and back. The solution is agentless so no agents need to be installed on source or target workloads and the source system does not require downtime.


This means that with RackWare RMM you can migrate or DR workloads to and from any on/off premise / private / shared clouds and AWS.


Additionally, RMM offers true hybrid scaling by automatically initiating applications in AWS when demand spikes, and dropping them back into the internal site as demand drops.


This is pretty cool because it means I can use AWS as a load balancing target as well as a DR target for my workloads, and migrate AWS workloads back into my VMware based cloud or any other cloud when demand drops.


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