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vSphere Plugin Wizard 2.0

I’m on a roll here and I just revamped my vSphere Plugin Wizard (3848) app.

It’s now easier to use, can edit existing plug-ins and once again looks sexy. Use this tool to create a tabbed plugin of your favourite website or admin page. Whether its Veeam Backup, View Admin or twitter, if it’s a web page you can inject it into the virtual infrastructure view. This tool can be used for local VI-Client plug-ins (see about) or vCenter plug-ins (watch the demo >HERE<)

It’s a bit trickier than my previous tool vDisk Informer 1.2.5 (10388) but if you watch the demo you’ll get the hang of it.

As always if you have feedback or find bugs let me know.

5 Responses to vSphere Plugin Wizard 2.0

  • This is great little app. I am using this to display HTML result for vcheck5.0 script.
    Im wondering if you can add option to add the addon as an icon on the main page page.

    • I’ve thought about this as well but I’d like to include a simple icon editor too. But right now I just don’t have the time…one day…

      • I found the way to create the addon to show as icon in main page. I changed the xml file to following.

      • Hmm It won’t write the code on replay. Trying again without brackets.
        extension parent=”HomeView.Management”

        • Dave share your changes as in your first comment you didn’t include it. However I know how to do this and will include it in later versions. I held back coz I wanted to include an icon editor too.

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