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Scheduled DPM

I wanted to reduce the heat generated by my home lab as its in the Loft/Office and wanted to automate any procedure. Decided to enable DPM for the very first time and the task I faced was controlling when DPM was enabled or disabled. If you’re not familiar with DPM its VMware’s vSphere technology that automates ESX hosts placed into standby power mode when overall utilisation is low. My home lab is used for demo and in working hours I didn’t want to have to wait for DPM to power on a standby host mid-demo. So I needed a way of controlling DPM off/on peak. At first I was going to create an API app similar to My Resource Pool Scheduler but then decided this would make a great PowerCLI lesson. I went about finding out how to control DPM using PowerCLI as described >here<. I then used the windows scheduler to activate a DPM-ON script and a DPM-OFF script. It was as simple as that. So 7am DPM is switched off and all standby hosts are powered on. 7pm DPM is switched on allowing for hosts to be placed into standby mode.

My first ever VMware support request

I’ve been using VMware since 2001-2002 and decided I would try to track down my old VMware workstation product keys. The earliest I could find was 2003 VMware Workstation 4 upgrade key. However I did find my first ever support request I submitted with VMware dating 13/03/2002. I decided to tweet it out see if any VMware tweets could trace it and I got a reply within minutes:

The reply from a VMware employee was:

And I was amazed:

Proof I’m old skool.

vExpert 2010

This morning I received an email announcing that I had been awarded the vExpert 2010 award from VMware. Last year I missed the deadline for nominations due changes in my circumstances, but this year I made it and very proud.

So I’d like to thank anyone who nominated for me and make a pledge to keep up the value I provide with this blog site. The features I have planned for the near future are as follows:

  • New look for the website to celebrate my vExpert award.
  • PowerCLI lessons will continue.
  • I have a new version of Vdisk Waste Finder planned but it’s going to take some time to develop

 Once again thank you if you nominated me 😉

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