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PowerCLI Newbie


I’m starting a new section on my Blog. I’m going to make a real effort to learn Powershell and PowerCLI for something else I’m doing so I have decided to using the learning experience to create a new section. I have made several effort to before but because I have no need to use it in my job I’d get distracted and move on to some other project. This time I committing and my knowledge gain could be useful as tutorial to others.Look out for lesson#1


Do you want to backup Exchange on W2008?

I don’t usually get this passionate but recent BS spread by one of our competitors which include straight out lies,  claiming Veeam Backup cannot perform the most simplest of tasks like restoring to an earlier point.

So I wanna fight lies with truths and straight out facts:

  • Their backup product doesn’t have CBT….so sloowwww
  • Their backup product cannot backup Exchange, SQL or AD transaction consistently in a Windows 2008 VM because they piggy back on the VMware tools VSS component. Confirmation found > Here <
  • Their products cannot restore or replicate to ESXi
  • Their products doesn’t have an Enterprise Manager to manage multiple backups servers at the same time.
  • They sell the future – I have seen their roadmap from 2006 and guess what, it’s exactly the same in 2010…nothing changed there then.
  • And so on and so on

Of course that vendor will say: ” we will have all these features soon”

My advice to you is don’t believe everything you read on blogs try it out for yourself… TestDev & POC is always the best advice.

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