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VDI streamed Profiles = 15% Less User Density

I heard something interesting this week from Andreas Groth who is IBM’s lead VDI engineer which possibly reinforces how ProfileUnity delivers profile centralisation against the competition. Let me first explain something  about VMware View Persona Manager. View Persona Manager is a fairly good profile solution from VMware that actually does something quite cool. It streams a users profile opposed processing it all at logon. The advantage is a user doesn’t have to wait for the profile to be downloaded to the local machine before they can use the desktop. As elements of the profile are needed View Persona Manager will download them adhoc as needed. Obviously this drastically reduces logon times. View Persona Manager will also save changes to the profile and streams them off to the central store.

Liquidware Labs positions ProfileUnity as a solution to extend what is possible over and above View Persona Manager as View Persona Manager doesn’t have a lot of the features an off the shelf Profile Management Solution would have. Our big difference is right now we don’t have an option to stream the user profile and instead we process it as logon/logoff . Unlike Microsoft roaming profiles, we do not transport the whole profile up and down the line. Instead we harvest off enough of the profile to update/reconstruct the users profile from the local default one. The effect of this is the central profile tends to be miniscule in size compared to the local cache copy.

Now this post is not intended to bash View Persona Manager or other solutions that stream in profiles because as you can see the smoke and mirrors used here obviously give the illusion that logon times are fast and will be very attractive to most.

IBM claim through extensive testing that there is a 15% plenty of using VMware Persona Manager  in user density over using standard MS roaming profile. Apparently View PM adds an overhead to each VM. The service that is constantly streaming the profile also uses their VSS component to allow movement of open files in/out of the user profile. Both these components add a significant load that opposed to MS roaming and decreases user density by 15%. So in theory with ProfileUnity (instead of MS roaming profile) you should see even greater user density because we are sending less stuff down the line.

Streamed Profile Advantage:

Faster logon Times

Streamed Profile Disadvantage:

15% drop in user density

The cool thing is that if you prefer faster logon times is that you can still use View Persona Manager and mix it with ProfileUnity to get the ultimate solution.

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