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VMware and Wildcard Certificates

Recently I rebuilt my lab and decided to go for a wildcard certificate to get rid of those irritating security warnings.  I found some nasty things happen down the line and in fact I ended up rebuilding my lab completely once again to fix the numerous problems I had which I believe was caused by using wildcard certs. Below I drew up a table of my experience:

Feature Use Wildcard Comment
vCenter Yes but NO Seems to work but then you find nasty things later like the storage profile function doesn’t work
vCenter SSO NO Stops services
Web Client No Stops services
Log Browser No Stops services
vCAC No Not happy about the hostname in the cert
vCAC SSO No Not happy about the hostname in the cert
View Yes Seems OK
Horizon Workspace Configurator Yes Seems OK
Horizon Worksapce Gateway Yes Seems Ok

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