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VMworld 2018 Day 1 – Cohesity Blogger Session

On the first night of VMworld EU 2018, I attended a blogger reception for Cohesity organised by Patrick Rednap. I was trying to cadge a VIP ticket to the vRockstar party that evening. While there I met the who’s who in the blogger community, most people I knew for a long time.

But presenting was Rawlinson Rivera CTO for Cohesity. For me, I didn’t know much about them except they tagged themselves as secondary storage and usually, I avoid storage discussions and find them boring an old news.

Apart from Rawlinson’s big bravado and humour I wasn’t sure if I’d be even interested but It was worth the while. I found out a few interesting things about them. So this is what I picked up:


They abstract the data layer in their platform giving a consistent feel across private and public. So you get the same functionality in their services regardless of where you are sitting. Services like Data Protection, file&object and analytics. And its all API first… The problem they are trying to fix with this is Mass Data Fragmentation.

They’ve done some testing to prove they are Web-Scale up to 256 Nodes Tested ~5PB raw capacity showing Linear performance scaling using Sequential and random IO.


I asked the question are they doing dedupe client side and they claim to. They are doing Dedupe at every level – inline to Post job.


They acquired some tech called Helios and my understanding this is a manager of managers. Single UI for everything you need and offers some analytical functions.


One cool feature I found is they by default compress any video files, this is supposed to reduce backend storage needs like you wouldn’t believe. All policy driven.


One feature I’d have to research was a feature called Cloud Spin in which they are supposed to be able to help refactor applications by pushing data into a test/dev area without dragging along with it the whole OS etc…


Anyway, we had a bit of fun. Rawlinson a fun presenter and he caught our attention.

Vembu BDR Suite 4 – new features coming

Just a little note about the new features of Vembu 4.0 coming soon. Vembu has put some serious cycles into adding a ton of new features into their product.  


Some new features include Hyper-V cluster backup in which Vembu support backing up the VMs in the cluster and even if VMs configured for backup are bounced around hosts. Regardless incremental backup will continue to happen without any interruption. VHDxs that are shared are now supported. Vembu can switch between CheckSun based backups in case of a CBT failure. You can now Single sign-on with the new Credential Manager


Not new features but a few existing things have also been enhanced. Position tracking – Backups will resume where they left off if there was, for example, a network failure. You can now configure the specification of the Virtual Hardware during the live recovery. Parameters like the socket count and core counts, memory, hard disk provision type, and network adapter etc etc.
You can now generate a report for Quick VM recovery process with details from the VM job like VM Name, Recovery point, Start and End time, target hypervisor and the status of the recovery.


During the recovery of the backed-up Hyper-V VM, a separate agent is pushed to the target machine for performing the full VM recovery. This nice Hyper-V recovery feature. You can also now select on a per hyper-v VM basis to choose application awareness or not.


Before you couldn’t activate or deactivate a particular BDR server connected to an OffsiteDR server. This has now been enhanced so you can.


A new set of APIs is developed to give a detailed report on storage utilization like the size of the VM, storage space utilized by a backup job, compression rate etc. This reminds me of a tool I built years ago called vDisk Informer.


These guys are rocketing forward with new features and enhancements.


Wanna know more? CLICK HERE


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